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Message from Directors

Ten years ago, Kasumba Nursery and Primary School opened its doors to usher a new and different education system in Uganda and in Mubende District in particular. The school has grown into a credible and reputable school in the country attracting both Ugandans and non-Ugandan children. The school continues to directly and indirectly contribute positively to the uplifting of the education standards in the country. The education system is guided by its Vision “ A school with a difference”; Mission “ to develop a child holistically (i.e. academically, spiritually, and socially) so as to become a useful citizen in the country”; and Motto “With God we excel”. The school was opened and blessed by His Lordship, Bishop Joseph Antony Zziwa of Kiyinda Mityana Diocese on 4th May 2006. We thank the Almighty God for the blessings He has bestowed on this school which have sustained the successes and achievements over the years.

The school was established in memory of our late father, Ludovico Kasumba who was an educationist and exemplary teacher in various schools in Mubende District and beyond. He served as Headteacher and teacher for more than 30 years between 1951 and 1985. Some of the schools he taught included Katente Primary School, Kakindu Primary School, St Mary’s Primary School. Not only was he my teacher, he taught many others who have contributed to the development of this country. This school is also a dedication to many other teachers who work tirelessly to share their knowledge and shape the young generation to navigate through the challenges of the world. Going by Pope’s message when he visited Uganda on 27-29th November 2015, “Being a teacher is something beautiful and noble – Teacher, what a beautiful name this is – Jesus is our first and greatest teacher”. Teachers are always held in high esteem, and we should always appreciate them as they define who we are.

The school opened with four (4) children in 2006, and the number increased to nine (9) children in 2007, and later to thirty five (35) children in 2008, when we opened the primary section. Thereafter, the numbers kept growing up to the current number of more than 450 children. The slow growth was attributed to the negative beliefs by the indigenous people in Mubende town on storied (kalina) buildings. Since the colonial period in the 1950s, the only storied building was the District Police Headquarter, and the indigenous people in Mubende never expected an African to have a similar or bigger building. It was a taboo for an African to do it, and if he/she was to do it, the occupants would die in that building. When we constructed our first storied classroom block, many residents expressed fear, and expected the children to die in the building. This discouraged many people to bring their children to our school, inspite of the good education and facilities the school had. The attitude started changing after the two years when people realized that a storied building was like any other building and no child had died in the school. The attitude change has been slow and coincidentally, the majority of our parents over the years have been non-indigenous.

Our sincere appreciation is extended to our pioneer parents/guardians who believed in us and ignored all kinds of discouragements and risked their children to start their education in Kasumba Nursery and Primary School. These include Mr. and Mrs Ssekite Cosmas who gave us Naluyima Hellen; Mr and Mrs Ssemata who gave us Ssekite Robert; Mr and Mrs Kasibante who gave us Musaasizi Harman; and Mr and Mrs Kasule who gave us Nalukenge Moureen. The determination of these parents in the first and second years of our existence opened the doors to other parents and the number started growing. Breaking this taboo brought a new chapter in the development of Mubende Town. Presently, one can see more storied buildings being constructed in schools, along streets and roads. We cannot also forget that our pioneer children opened a new era of children attending church masses and services in their school uniform in Mubende Town. This has become a culture in all schools in the town.

We salute our pioneer staffs that included the Principal, Mr. Godfrey Katongole; Headteacher, Tr. Sarah Harriet Namago; Tr. Veronica Namaganda; Tr. Gertrude Nabuuma; and Madam Agnes Jethro; who spearheaded the standards we see in this school. We appreciate the teachers and other staff who are currently and previously worked in this school and contributed to its achievements. We sincerely appreciate our present and previous parents/guardians and other stakeholders who have supported us in the last ten years. We pray for those parents/guardians and stakeholders who have passed on, and May the Almighty God rest their souls in peace.

On the academic side, we have continued to excel in Primary Leaving Examinations (PLE) and we are among the best schools in Mubende and the country. On the spiritual side, our children are able to participate in their own religious affiliations as registered at the School with guidance from the staff and other people of that same faith. We thank all those people who have provided support to these children in their different faith needs. On the social side, we have developed life skills through house competitions in football, music dance and drama (MDD), plus other activities like swimming, internal and external games, and various clubs of Home Economics, Writers, Mathematics, Debating, Red Cross, Scouts and girl guides, Art and Craft, Young Farmers, Wildlife and 4 Star.

Kasumba Nursery and Primary School will continue to set the standards and others follow. We do not have to compete but to cooperate in all areas that will develop our area and country. We want to thank everyone who has contributed to the achievements we have made so far. We want to see that we work and grow together for the benefit of this country and the people of Mubende and surrounding districts in particular.

We look forward to strengthening the activities that promote our Mission. We shall continue to excel academically, develop the spirituality, and promote the life skills of our children. This school will continue to build a strong foundation in our children to make them succeed in their lives. We want to see that our alumni are proud of our school, such that they ensure its continuity and have their children and grandchildren be proud alumni of this school.

With God We Excel

Prof. J.K. Ssewanyana and Dr. Sarah N. Ssewanyana