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Frequently Asked Questions include:

Qn1. What makes Kasumba different from other schools?

  • The school emphasizes quality and not quantity education;
  • Developes a child holistically i.e academic, spiritual and socially;
  • Security of a child is priority;
  • Children are provided with a balanced diet; and
  • Provides a conducive learning environment.

Qn2. What are the school's expectations in five years time?
To be among the best primary schools in the country.

Qn3. What measures have been undertaken on the security of our children while at school?
The school has a security policy;

  • The school is well fenced and guarded by atleast three security personnel at a time;
  • Each building is equiped with fire extinguishers; and
  • The staff have been trained in fire prevention and management.

Qn4. How do you handle sick children?
The school has first aid kits, which are handled by the matrons and the teacher in-charge of health. When the illness is complicated, the parent is contacted as the child is taken to the best in-patient and out-patient clinics of Mubende Town, before they can be refered to Mubende Referral Hospital.

Qn5. As a very fast growing institution, is there a future possibility of setting up a secondary school based on the same foundation?
The idea of a secondary school will be developed after consolidating the primary level.

Qn6. How do you recruit your staff?
The staff are recruited competitively from the best the country can offer based on their qualification, experience, commitment, devotion, friendliness, honesty and having work ethics.